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A Member of
  A member of AGN International, An association of separate and independent Accounting and consulting firms.  


Standard services

Accounting compliance
Tax compliance
Personel function

Added value services

Added value services
Tax and other consulting specialisation
Relocation services

Standard services

 Accounting compliance: preparation of accounts according to both Polish and International standards;
Issuance of monthly trial balance of accounts, of balance sheet and profit and loss statements as well as of the yearly accounts.

Tax compliance: preparation of all monthly (corporate income and value added tax) tax returns as well as of the yearly accounts and tax returns, calculation of civil transactions taxes (eg. On loans) and other miscellaneous taxes and preparation of relevant returns.

Payroll: calculation of monthly payroll: calculation of Social Security (ZUS) dues and electronic transmission of reports to that agency, calculation of taxes, preparation of payroll statements for employees, Tax returns as well as summary for employer.
Preparation of annual tax and social security summaries.

Personnel function: upon request, preparation of all personnel related documentation: personnel labor book for employee, application to Social Security agency, documents for Health agency, follow up of vacation, sickness, pregnancy and other leaves and preparation of related documents.
We also keep employee files.

Added value services

 Added value services have been considerably expanded and now the company can provide the following in addition to its basic services:

  • Tax consulting
  • Attendance to tax audits
  • Outsourcing of accounting staff
  • Company secretarial duties (company registration or change of registration with Court – KRS -,  preparation of shareholders meetings documentation, of mergers, of shares purchases etc.)
  • Creation of new companies
  • Registration of foreign companies as Polish VAT payers.
  • Financial consulting
  • Consulting on group financial structure
  • Consulting on work rules, social funds and the like
  • Consulting on tax effective employment package for expatriates
  • Tax compliance for foreigners
  • Company liquidation

Tax and other consulting specialisation:
Drawing on the experience of the two partners, BW Corporate Services has specialised in the project business i.e. any business with a long term cycle: construction, engineering, architect firms and companies with long term services contracts.
Based also on the experience of the partners, BW Corporate Services can assist new entrants on the Polish markets by providing directly or in association with partner firms a wide range of services which it can coordinate.
It has also accumulated a wealth of experience in dealing with cross-borders transactions.

BW Corporate Services provides statutory audit in compliance with Polish procedures.
The company also provides the following additional services:

  • Limited review of accounts of subsidiaries of foreign groups to provide certification of conformance with international accounting standards.
  • Due diligence services connected with acquisition, merger, etc.
  • Internal audits aiming at detecting internal control weaknesses and at improving control procedures.

  Relocation services:
We are offering to our clients, services, which can, broadly speaking, be summarized in as follows:

Legal stay of expatriates package:

  • getting temporary stay card or of visa,
  • getting ‘invitation’ or residence registration.

Legalization of employment in Poland package:

  • consulting regarding the optimal employment and remuneration,
  • getting promise and authorization of work.

Other relocation issues package:

  • registration of car,
  • change of driving license to a polish one,
  • assistance in the choice of insurance,
  • extension of temporary import and related bank guarantee or deposit.

Physical move and free time organization package:

  • assistance with the search of house or apartment and with residence registration,
  • assistance with the search of baby-sitter or domestic help,
  • assistance with the search of kindergarten and school,
  • assistance in the choice of polish language school with reknown professors,
  • organization of orientation visits,
  • organization of car rental,
  • reservation of conference rooms and business centers.