Merger and acquisition transactions

The complexity of mergers and acquisitions transactions requires a team of professionals to work together to support the investor in making decisions. In such transactions law, tax, price, time and money matter. BWCS consultants work with the investor's team and advise at every stage of the transaction.

Our job is to take care of details, so that the transaction can be successfully finalized.

  • We advise and propose individual solutions for investors, support the investor's team in developing the acquisition and merger strategy or propose our own strategy.
  • We prepare a transaction plan and schedule.
  • We perform comprehensive due diligence: legal, tax and financial.
  • We perform valuation of the transaction object.
  • We advise on contract negotiations and closing of the transaction.
  • At the post-transaction stage - we cooperate with the Client's team in the process of integrating the organization and management system of the investor and the acquired entity.