Who we are

BW Corporate Services is a group of companies, which since 1990 has been providing professional consultancy services to businesses operating in Poland and working with a number of international organisations interested in investing in Poland or setting up business outside Poland.

Our Clients are business entities operating individually or as part of multinational corporations.

We offer a comprehensive range of specialized, complementary services, which include:

  • Audit of financial statements and other auditing services
  • Accounting outsourcing, including bookkeeping and preparation of ad-hoc specific reports.
  • HR Outsourcing - Payroll and Human Resources comprehensive services for Polish and foreign citizens and residents
  • Consulting - restructuring and reorganization of companies, business strategies, support in Human Resources management, IT support - systems integration
  • Tax consultancy - all aspects of taxes related to business, property and management, representation of Clients in tax proceedings and before Courts. Advises are based on technical knowledge and global international experience.
  • Financial consultancy services for investors and entrepreneurs, including financial analyses, valuations, due diligence, transformations
  • Legal services, corporate governance, establishing and maintaining a business in Poland and abroad, liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings, restructuring, mediation between shareholders

We operate and we are specialized in a wide range of economic sectors including: pharmaceuticals, chemicals, real estate, human services, engineering design, transport and logistics, agricultural production, mining (peat).

BWCS Group is an active member of several social and economic organisations such as the Belgian Chamber of Commerce, the European Integration Club, the North East Association of Economic Initiatives. Through these organisations, we act for sustainable development and dialogue between institutions and the citizens.

We actively participate in charity work. We support Fundacja Brata Alberta (the Brother Albert Foundation), Fundacja Braci Orioni (the Orioni Brothers Foundation), which improve the lives of thousands of people.

BWCS Group is made up five companies. Its headquarters is located in Warsaw. In addition, we have companies and offices in Gdynia, Wroclaw, Cracow and Suwalki.