Corrections and controls


Taking advantage of our long-term experience in providing services to companies from various sectors and of the cooperation with state offices, we are able to accurately diagnose the reasons for discrepancies between the actual state and the submitted reports and declarations to the Social Security Authority (ZUS) and Personal Income Tax (PIT), and efficiently make the necessary corrections, limiting the involvement of the Client's resources to providing only relevant source documents or necessary information about the detected irregularities.

When preparing corrections:

  • we keep a record of work done and changes made
  • if corrections result from official letters, we establish and maintain contact with the sender of the document to avoid penalties and control
  • we use electronic communication with Public Offices to streamline the flow of documentation


Our expert knowledge and experience enable us to represent Clients in the full range of HR and payroll matters. We represent the Client during controls, in appeal proceedings or before the court. We prepare the documentation for the control, we provide all explanations and answers to the inspectors, we carry out post-control recommendations, corrections of ZUS or PIT declarations. We prepare responses to summons received by the Client based on verified factual state.

At the request of the Client and upon the consent of the controlling body, we organize controls in our office and accept powers of attorney to represent the Client during the control, thanks to which:

  • we dispense with the obligation for the Client to be personally present during the control
  • we reduce the costs of transport of documents
  • we eliminate the need for organizational changes in order to make office premises available to inspectors
  • we prevent disorganization of the current operating activity of the Client.


We can also perform an audit of the correctness of payroll calculations and the status of personnel documents in the company. We provide the Client with a comprehensive audit report, including our findings, conclusions or suggestions for changes, taking into account legal regulations and case law.