BW Finance Sp z o.o.

BW Finance sp. z o.o., based in Suwałki, has been established in late 2014. The company was created in order to use the experience and achievements of our existing companies in the field of new technologies, and the functioning of business in special economic zones. The Special Economic Zone (SEZ) formed in the north-eastern part of Poland, which includes Suwałki, has created an opportunity for us to set up cooperation with Clients from Lithuania, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, who need world-class knowledge and interdisciplinary support and communication in foreign languages.

In Suwałki, we have at our disposal partners cooperating with us and excellent technical facilities, equipped with the most modern techniques and tools to support our Clients' business development. Therefore, the choice of our headquarters in the Science and Technology Park in Suwałki is not accidental. From here, we engage in cooperation with the Park's Clients and investors from Lithuania, Estonia, Germany and Poland.

Company information and contact details:

BW Finance sp. z o.o.
Ul. Innowacyjna 1
16-400 Suwałki


ul. Sienna 83, lok. 218
00-815 Warsaw
Tax id: 844 235 38 28
Share capital 5000 PLN
CC: 0000525 408
tel. +48 22 2928 950
mob. +48 603 376 392